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Wordless Wednesday! (from the photo shoot with Steven


Photo shoot with Steven..take 2

I guess I will post a new pic from this photo shoot daily. I want to show off my son and I guess since this is a “photography” blog I can do just that.  I hope you guys enjoy!

My afternoon photo shoot…

All day today I have been in the house doing laundry. (Monday is my laundry day) I has been such a nice day today and I remembered I haven’t taken pics of my own kids lately. So I snatched Steven up (he was the only one either available or willing) and heading out to my […]

I Heart Faces…”We are Family”

Yay, I finally have had my computer back consistently for about two weeks or so. I have had major problems with it and barely been able to check email let alone edit pics. This week’s theme is “We are Family” and the details and rules are …. It doesn’t matter to us at all if […]

I’m back…

I am slowly getting back to my blogs. My computer hasn’t been working the best in the past month or so. Well here is one of my lastest pictures. It was on my Christmas cards.