I Heart Faces…Hilarious Outtakes!!

We get to choose up to 5 pictures this week, so here are mine…
This one is from a impromptu photoshoot I had with the kids. Matthew was trying to pose at the end of the slide but ended up sliding too hard and couldn’t stop himself.

This one is kinda a classic one. The younger brother not being serious while the oldest child does as he is told and very unsuspecting of what is going on beside him.

In this one, I had the kids all smiling for the camera (which is a task), then all of a sudden a crazy, yellow creature with the name of SPONGEBOB, came on the tv and you can see how mesmerizing that little sponge can be.

What is it with my kids licking people? This started out as a sweet moment between father and daughter.

During the summer in my neighborhood, the moms come out and sit in the shade in our chairs and watch the kids play. Well some of the younger kids decide to bring out chairs that are their size. Nothing wrong with that right? Well there isn’t that is until their older and bigger siblings come and think they are cool and sit in their chair. But that’s ok, the chair got it’s revenge.


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  1. Pam D
    Posted March 2, 2010 at 1:48 | Permalink

    Hahahaha!!!! Oh dear me… that first one of Matthew on his head is ABSOLUTELY what outtakes are supposed to be! The rest of them are awesome, as well (yeah, what IS it about your kids and tongues? No further comment. ). I knew you would have some rockin’ shots….

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