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I appologize for the lack of updates this week. I did not enter any photo in the I Heart Faces contest this week. This was my last week of work at the preschool where I teach and two of my kids were busy getting sick. So my time has been limited on here. I hope […]

I get to…

spend the weekend with this little girl. The boys are going camping this weekend and she and I are staying behind. Not too sure what we are going to do yet, but I do know it is just us girls.


I am just in love with this kid’s eyes…and lashes. Do you know how many coats of mascara and other things I would have to do to get mine to look this way?

I Heart Faces!! “Flowers”

I thought I had decided which picture to choose for this theme, then was reminded of another picture. So I had a delimma. Use one of the pictures that were voted on or this other picture. Well I took the picture from this post with the most votes and flipped a coin to decide. Well, […]

I need help…again!

This week at I Heart Faces the theme is flowers. There has to be a flower of some sort, either fake or real somewhere in the picture and obviously the picture has to have a face. I have a few that I LOVE but just can’t decide. Help me out PLEASE!!! #1 There are flowers, […]

Baby feet

I just love the little toes and wrinkled feet of babies. Here are some from my first newborn shoot I did this week. If you wanna see more of this precious baby other than her adorable feet, head over to my other blog and check out the slide show.

Waddell Boys!!

Here are the pics from my shoot yesterday with my nephews. They were so much fun and had me cracking up the whole time. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t let me embed directly, so I have to go through YouTube, but YouTube didn’t like the songs I used so I will post the link here and […]

Rachel got married!!

In an effort to truly separate my two blogs back to one for my day to day stuff and this on for photos I am going to try and post my lastest slideshow. It is my cousin’s wedding. Enjoy….I hope!